----Jaozuo Film and Television City Station located 1km to the north of Jaozuo City is a large hooting base for the film and tlevision built cooperativrly by CTV station and the People's Government of Jiaozuo City.It covers an area of 15 000 square metres and occupies the first place inseven big film and television cities in the whole country.The film and tevelvision city has been built at the foot of Mount Fenghuang.It is full of power and grandeur with its simple and unsophisticated model ,adequate installations and beautiful environment .It mainly consists of four parts-the city gate big square section. The imperial palace of the ZhouDynasty section,the imperial palace of the Chu Dynasty section and the downtown streets section .

----The city gate big square section is mainly repesented by coppercasted Fang Ding,great undercut of east-orientation emigtation of the Westtern Zhou Dynasty and the Qin Dynasty,bronze soldiers,ancient-cion-shaped gate,skysraoing ancient war flag and the statues of three ancient kings,six philosophers and four kings of supernatural animals,They concentratedly present the politics

City gate big square section
and culture during the historical period of the film and television city ,The imperial palace of the zhou Dynasty fully embodies the plain,native and boorish culture back-groud of the central plains with its great vigor and primitive,graceful buildings,The film studio covers 8 000 square metres and occuppies the first place in those of Asia ,It can meet all shooting demands of different kinds of film and television subjects.The sacrificial altar Locate at the ancient kings offering sacrifice to Heavev and the ingathering of heroes.
----The imperial palace of the Chu Dynasty section suffciently shows abundant culture connotation of the Chu Dtnasty of the Changjiang(yangtze) River.The beautifulness and brightness of poetry or painting of the pi-pa lake,the agnificent guesthouse and the grand sight of the ancient battle scene will clear and rrefresh people's mund as soon as they see them .the downtwom streets section concentratedly embodies the production anf living environment of the ordinary people during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring Sates,such as mud wall ,thatched cottage,small work-shop ... It's the unique scene in all the film and television cities in the in the whole county ,Jiaozuo Film and Television city will fill you with eagerness and Lingerness.

The palace of the ZhouDynasty

The palace of the ZhouDynasty

The palace of the Chu Dynasty

Downtown streets

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