The imperial palace of the ZhouDynasty

THE imperial palace of the Zhou Dynasty section consists of the Zhou Dynasty,the film studio and the sacrifcial altar, The imperial palace of the Zhou Dynasty fully embodies the plain,native and boorish culturs bacjground of the central plains its great vigor and primitive,graceefuk buildings.The sacrificial altar located at the top of the film and television city is the place for the ancient emperors offering sacifice to Heaven.


The imperial palace of the ChuDynasty

The imperial palace of the Chu Dynasty section consists of Pi-pa lake,the imperial palace of the Chu Dynasty ,hotel and ancient battlefield .This part sufficienttly shows aboudant culture connotation of the Chu Dynasty of the Yangtze River.The beautifulness and brightness of the Chu Dynasty,the quality suggestive of poetry or painting of the Pi-pa lake,the magnificent hotel and the grand sight of the ancient battlefield will clear and refresh people's mind as soon as they see them.


The Downtown Street

The downtown street section concentrately embodies the prouducion and living environment of the ordinary people during the pring and Antumn period and the War states the wholw building emphasizes the effect of mud wall and thatched cottage.It's the unique scene in all the film and television cities in the whole country.


Saint Buddha Temple

Saint Buddha Temple with the other name"Dui Temple",covers on area of 10 thousand square meter,it was firstly built in the Tang Dynasty,prosperous in the Ming and Qing Dynasty, and most prosperous in the Republic of China,Saint Buddha Temple is a palace of religious activities with a large scale.


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